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Sherry S. Cooper – Nesbitt Brown

DR. SHERRY S. COOPER is a Chief Economist and Senior Vice President with Nesbitt Burns, a leading Canadian investment dealer, and member of the Bank of Montreal Group of Companies. Previously, she was associated with the U.S. Federal Reserve Board as a Staff Economist and the Federal National Mortgage Association as a Director of Financial Economics, both in Washington, D.C. Dr. Cooper received her Bachelor's degree from Goucher College and holds an M.A. and Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Pittsburgh. She is a former member of the Barron's Economic Roundtable, writes a bi-weekly column for the National Post, and makes regular appearances on CNBC, CNN, CBC, and CTV. Dr. Cooper has also written a book published by Key Porter, The Cooper Files: A Practical Guide to Your Financial Future. Profile
TWST: We would like to talk with you about investing in Canada. First of

all, were there any overriding themes or financial headlines for the

Canadian economy over the last 12 months?