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Seeking Undervalued Asian Companies with High Returns on Capital

Harriss, Edmund
Edmund Harriss serves as an Investment Director, Fund Manager and Director of Guinness Atkinson Asset Management Inc. as well as a Portfolio Manager of the Asia Pacific Dividend Builder Fund (MUTF:GAADX). He was employed at Guinness Flight from July 1993 to April 2003. Mr. Harriss joined the Far East Investment Desk in 1994 and served as a member of the investment team. He is also an associate of the Society of Investment Professionals. Mr. Harriss received a Master of Philosophy in management studies from Christ Church, University of Oxford in 1991 and a bachelor's degree in history from the University of York. Profile
TWST: Can you give a brief overview of the Asia Pacific Dividend Builder Fund and the investor that you believe it is targeted toward?

Mr. Harriss: Certainly. The