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Roundtable Forum: Canadian Oil Industry

ROBERT E. GILLON is a Vice President and Senior Equity Analyst at John S. Herold, Inc. Mr. Gillon is Herold's most experienced Analyst, covering North American E&P companies. He is also responsible for Herold's Oil & Gas Perspectives (weekly report to institutional investor clients) and is a co-editor of the Herold Energy Investment Outlook. Mr. Gillon spent six years in exploration geology and geophysics with Phillips Petroleum and 17 years as geological and financial consultant to investment and exploration institutions and companies. Prior to rejoining Herold in 1995, he was editor and publisher of Exploration Monthly. He is a member of the National Association of Petroleum Investment Analysts. Mr. Gillon earned a BS in Geology at the California Institute of Technology and an MBA in Finance at the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. Profile
JOHN A. CLARKE is a Senior Oil and Gas Analyst at Deutsche Bank Securities. Previously, he was associated with Upstream and Down-stream sectors as well as Strategic & Corporate Planning. He received his B.Sc. degree in Physics from the University of Birmingham and his B.A. in English from Calgary University as well as a Master's degree in Operations Research and Management Sciences from Imperial College. Mr. Clarke is President of the Canadian Association of Petroleum Investment Analysts and a member of the AAPG, SEG, and CSEG. Mr. Clarke is married, has two children, and includes skiing, bridge, theater and foreign travel among his personal interests. Profile
DOUGLAS GOWLAND is a Senior Oil and Gas Analyst at First Marathon Research where he has covered oil and gas companies for the past 17 years. Previously, he was associated with BBN James Capel and other Toronto-based investment dealers as well as Norcen Energy Resources in Calgary. In addition to research, Mr. Gowland has worked on underwritings, mergers and acquisition assignments and fairness opinions. Mr. Gowland is a Chartered Financial Analyst and received his Chartered Accountant's designation in 1978. He earned his Bachelor's degree in Mathematics from the University of Waterloo. Profile
BRIAN DUTTON is a Director at Bunting Warburg (Canadian Equity Research) in Toronto where he is responsible for Canadian integrated oil companies, Canadian E&P companies, and Canadian pipeline companies. Previously, he was associated with Mobil Canada, Levesque Beaubien, and Burns Fry. Mr. Dutton earned both his Bachelor's degree in geology and physical geography and his Master's degree in sedimentary geology from the University of Toronto. Profile
TWST: Will you define the Canadian oil industry for us as you do at

First Marathon?

Mr. Gowland: We just go by the index and its components mainly. I

follow the integrated oils; there are