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Roger G. Little – Spire Corporation (spir)

ROGER G. LITTLE, Chairman, President and Chief Executive of Spire Corporation, founded the company in 1969 as a small research and development company. Since then, he has guided the commercialization of Spire's technology and directed Spire's growth from a government research and development operation to a diversified solar energy company with more than 250 employees. Spire is now a leading supplier of photovoltaic module manufacturing equipment, turnkey production lines, and solar energy businesses. Mr. Little has served on many committees and advisory boards related to small business innovative research, the transfer and commercialization of technology, the worldwide growth of the photovoltaic industry, and the development of sound renewable energy policies. He has testified before Congress on these subjects on numerous occasions. As recognition for his contributions, Mr. Little has been honored with many awards and has shared his expertise by serving on several Boards of Directors. Mr. Little received his BA in Physics from Colgate University in 1962 and his MSc in Physics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1964. He is the author of more than 40 technical papers and has been granted 21 patents on equipment and processes related to photovoltaics and semiconductor processing. Profile
TWST: Let's begin with a brief historical sketch of Spire and a picture of what

you are doing at the present time.

Mr. Little: Spire has been in business for many years. In fact, we just