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ROB ROQUITTE, CFA, Partner and Portfolio Manager at Harris Investment Management, Inc., is currently the lead portfolio manager for the firm's small cap value investment strategies including the Harris Insight Small Cap Value Fund. He is the co-manager of the firm's small cap core (Harris Insight Small Cap Opportunity Fund) and small cap growth strategies (Harris Insight Small Cap Aggressive Growth Fund). He has 18 years of experience in the investment management field and joined Harris Investment Management in 1999. He has an BS from the University of Denver and a MBA from the University of Chicago. He is a member of the CFA Institute, the Investment Analyst Society of Chicago, the Society of Quantitative Analysts and PRIMA (Professional Risk Manager's International Association). Profile
TWST: Would you begin with an overview of Harris Investment Management

and what you do there?

Mr. Roquitte: Harris Investment Management is a wholly owned subsidiary

of BMO Financial, the