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Retail Service Technologies: Peter Abell – Amr Research Inc

PETER ABELL is responsible for managing AMR Research, Inc.'s Retail Industry Service and ensuring that the research focuses on key retail industry issues. His personal areas of expertise include promotion management, customer loyalty, standards in retail technology and all store level systems. Mr. Abell has more than 25 years of retailer, retailer-vendor and industry consulting experience. Prior to joining the firm, he operated his own consulting firm and developed Electronic Data Interchange Standards in conjunction with Arthur D. Little for the food distribution industry and other industries that use UPC and/or EAN for information exchange. He has worked extensively for Jewel Companies, first as Representative to the UPC Committees during the selection process for UPC, then as their Advanced Development Manager. Mr. Abell earned a Bachelor's degree in Engineering from the U.S. Naval Academy and credits toward a Master's degree from the University of Chicago. Profile
TWST: Would you begin by telling us about the work you do on the

retail service industry at AMR Research?

Mr. Abell: AMR Research's retail practice works with large

retailers all over the