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Real Estate Tech Companies with Mission-Critical Solutions Are Well-Positioned

Sheldon, Stephen
Stephen Sheldon, CFA, CPA, who joined William Blair & Company, L.L.C. in September 2011, is a Technology Analyst focused on the real estate and education verticals. In 2018, Institutional Investor named Mr. Sheldon a Rising Star for the All-America Research Team. Before 2018, Mr. Sheldon spent more than six years as an associate covering companies in the HR technology, information services and staffing industries. Mr. Sheldon graduated with a B.S. in accounting and business administration from the University of Kansas and a Master in Professional Accounting degree from the University of Texas. Profile
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TWST: Your coverage is tech, including both real estate and education. Can you explain your coverage in real estate for us?

Mr. Sheldon: Yes.