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Real-Asset Investing in a Resource-Constrained Economy

Underhill, Michael
Michael Underhill is Chief Investment Officer at Capital Innovations, LLC, and founded the firm in 2007. He is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the firm’s investment process and is focused on the strategic direction of the firm. Recognized for his expertise, he is frequently asked to speak on topics such as investment policy, portfolio management and the risk characteristics of real asset investing. He has been a regular contributor to Bloomberg’s “Market Sense” program and “Money Moves” with Deirdre Bolton. Mr. Underhill has published widely on international economic and finance topics, and is author of The Handbook of Infrastructure Investing, recommended by the CFA Institute and a bestseller. A Professor at EDHEC University teaching real asset investing, Mr. Underhill remains one of the world’s most provocative, respected financial analysts in the last 23 years. His funds and separate account strategies have won numerous awards for performance in the real assets category.  Profile
TWST: Please begin with an introduction to Capital Innovations, and can you tell us a bit about your current responsibilities in the firm?

Mr. Underhill: I founded the firm in 2007 to