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Preserving Capital with a Focus on Quality and Value

Teal, Eric
Eric Teal is the Chief Investment Officer and Managing Partner of Queens Oak Advisors. He has overall responsibility for the firm’s investment strategy and results. He is directly responsible for equity portfolio management. He also serves as the Chief Compliance Officer and oversees the firm’s adherence to all compliance and regulatory standards. Additionally, Mr. Teal helps establish the strategic direction and growth for the firm. Earlier, he worked at First Citizens Bank and Evergreen Investments. Mr. Teal received an MBA from the University of Memphis and a degree in economics and international studies from Rhodes College. He is President of the Alumni Executive Board for Rhodes College and Chairman of the board at UNC-TV, statewide public media network. Profile
TWST: Could you tell me a little bit about the firm?

Mr. Teal: The firm is an asset manager that's focused on managing investments for high net worth individuals