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Picking Up Bargains in the Current Gold Environment

Chidley, Patrick
Patrick Chidley joined HSBC in August 2010 as the Senior Analyst covering the gold mining sector. Prior to joining HSBC, Mr. Chidley worked with a major South African investment bank on the sell side as a Senior Analyst and covered the gold mining sector for seven years. Mr. Chidley also worked as an Equity Analyst with a major U.S. asset management firm and has been covering the mining sector as an Analyst since 1997. Previously he worked as a Commodities Analyst and also as a Geologist in the South African mining industry. Mr. Chidley has a master’s degree in mineral economics from the Pennsylvania State University and a bachelor’s degree in mining geology from Imperial College, London, and has been a CFA charterholder since 2000. Profile
TWST: Please begin by sharing an overview of your coverage universe, with some perspective on how the sector has changed and evolved over the recent past.

Mr. Chidley: From our New York