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Petri Pentti – Finnair Oyj (fia1s.he)

Prior to his current position, Mr Pentti was responsible for Finnairs funding, treasury and cash management activities since joining the Company in 1989 from a Finnish industrial company Wartsila Group, where he managed the Groups financial services unit. Profile
Mr Petri Pentti, b.1962, Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer. Reporting to President and CEO of Finnair Group since September 1999, Mr Pentti is responsible for the overall financial activities such as corporate finance, financial and management accounting, control, tax, treasury and cash management. Mr Pentti is also responsible for fleet coordination and investor relations. He serves as a Board member in several Finnair Group companies and as Chairman of the Finnair Pension Fund Investment Committee, which manages a portfolio of 700 million euros. Profile
Mr Pentti holds a Masters degree in Economics and Business Administration from theTurku School of Economics and Business Administration. He is married and has two daughters. Profile
TWST: Can we start with a brief history and introduction to Finnair?

Mr. Pentti: Finnair is the leading airline in Finland and one of the oldest operating airlines. This year, in fact,