Industry & Services >> CEO Interviews >> April 22, 2003

Peter Wakeham – Wilink Plc (wlk.l)

PETER WAKEHAM is Chief Executive Officer of WILink Plc. He co-founded with Graham Morse in 1989. Mr. Wakeham has over 35 years' experience working for blue chip multi-nationals and in entrepreneurial ventures. He worked in the 1970s and 1980s for Mars Inc. and PepsiCo Inc., where he held senior international marketing and general management positions in the UK, Sweden, Japan and the United States. During this period, he also undertook consultancy assignments in Scandinavia, Australia and the UK as an engagement manager with McKinsey & Co. Inc. In 1988, Mr. Wakeham was a founder member of the buy-out team which acquired Bricom, a business services conglomerate, from British and Commonwealth Holdings Plc. He then became Divisional Director, Business Services Europe for BET Plc until its acquisition by Rentokil- Initial Plc in 1996. In 1996 he left Rentokil-Initial Plc to take up the full-time role of Chief Executive Officer of Inc. Profile
TWST: Can we start with an update on how WILink is positioned today?

Mr. Wakeham: I think what we've done this year has been significant on a

number of fronts. First, we've been able to grow