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Peter Privateer – Internet Security Systems Inc (issx)

PETER PRIVATEER is the Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing at Internet Security Systems, Inc., a leading global provider of information protection solutions that secure IT infrastructure and defend key online assets from attack and misuse. With over 25 years of experience in the software industry and more than 10 years in the information security market, Mr. Privateer is responsible for the worldwide marketing and product management of Internet Security Systems' services solutions. In addition, Mr. Privateer is responsible for all business development activity and investor relations. Previously, he was President and COO of Pelican Security, Inc., an Internet security software company. Prior to Pelican, he co-founded and held the position of Senior Vice President of Operations at AXENT Technologies. Prior to AXENT, Mr. Privateer was one of the original employees of KnowledgeWare where he was responsible for the corporate strategy and vision. Through his efforts, KnowledgeWare developed into a $140 million publicly traded company that was acquired by Sterling Software in 1994. Mr. Privateer holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics from The University of Florida and attended graduate studies in Physics at Florida and Business Administration at the University of Toledo. Profile
TWST: Please begin with a brief historical sketch of Internet Security


Mr. Privateer: Internet Security Systems was founded 10 years ago by

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