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Paper & Forest Products: Ross Hay-roe – Equity Research Associates

ROSS HAY-ROE is a CFA charterholder and Managing Director of Forest Products at Equity Research Associates in Vancouver, Canada. He has been analyzing the forest products industry for over 30 years, focusing largely on explaining and forecasting the ups and downs of commodity markets. He has been consistently top- ranked by professional equity investors in terms of quality of research, both during 15 years in the Canadian investment community and the subsequent 15 years as an independent. During that time he and his wife Lee founded a widely- read industry newsletter, with Mr. Hay-Roe serving as its editor until 1989. Since that time, he has continued his research by launching Equity Research Associates' paper and forest products service. His background in the financial sector has given him a perspective and approach much appreciated by senior industry executives. Profile
TWST: What are the boundaries of your coverage area in the paper

and forest products industry?

Mr. Hay-Roe: Equity Research Associates is a firm of just five

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