Consumer >> Analyst Interviews >> May 17, 1999

Outlook For Agribusiness Stocks : Jonathon P. Braatz – George K. Baum & Co

JONATHON P. BRAATZ is Senior Vice President and a Senior Research Analyst for George K. Baum & Company. He is responsible for following companies in the agricultural industry. Prior to joining the company in September 1996, Mr. Braatz was an Analyst at B. C. Christopher/Fahnestock, Principal at First Kansas City Securities and Portfolio Manager at Protection Mutual Insurance Company. He received a B.B.A. and M.B.A. degrees from the University of Wisconsin and became a Chartered Financial Analyst in 1982. Profile
TWST: I'd like to begin by asking you about the overall approach that

you take to investing in agribusiness and food and the sectors that you

include in your coverage.

Mr. Braatz: I