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Outlook For Agribusiness: David Driscoll – Salomon Smith Barney

David C. Driscoll has covered the agriculture and fertilizer industry for Salomon Smith Barney since 1999. The sub-areas in agriculture that Mr. Driscoll focuses on are: grain processing, fertilizers, agricultural chemicals and agricultural biotech. Before he joined Salomon Smith Barney, Mr. Driscoll worked for Nortel in chemical process development at the company's main Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, facility. He received his MBA from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and holds a BS degree in Chemical Engineering, with a concentration in Biochemical Engineering, from North Carolina State University. Mr. Driscoll has passed all three levels of the CFA and is currently awaiting his charter. Profile
TWST: David, let's start with an introduction to the sector that you

follow. What does it include?

Mr. Driscoll: The sector includes companies that are associated with

agriculture. These are