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Opportunity Zone Fund Focuses on Aviation and Regulatory Software

Harmer, Don
Don Harmer is President and Chief Executive Officer of the GRASS Qualified Opportunity Zone Fund. Mr. Harmer, in addition to overseeing GRASS, is the president and CEO of Corporate Services of Nevada. He has served as a confidential consultant and counselor to more than 3,000 clients around the world since 1993, focusing on enterprise risk management and operational and HR assessment. He has significant experience as a leader of small- to mid-sized high-growth startups, emergent small businesses, and nonprofits, including power-generation and global energy firms, at both the key executive and board of director levels. Mr. Harmer provides ongoing guidance in the operation and success of Corporate Services of Nevada. He currently resides in Nevada with his wife and three daughters. Profile
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TWST: What is the GRASS Qualified Opportunity Zone Fund and how does one invest in it?

Mr. Harmer: It is a qualified opportunity zone fund