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Opportunistic Large Cap Value Investing – David A. Katz & Steven Pisarkiewicz – Matrix Asset Advisors

Katz, David A.
David A. Katz, CFA, is Matrix Asset Advisors, Inc.’s President and Chief Investment Officer. He has overall responsibility for the firm’s investment efforts. After initially working at Management Asset Corporation (Westport, CT), Mr. Katz co-founded Value Matrix Management with the late John M. Gates in 1986. He served as the firm’s Senior Vice President and Chief Investment Officer and was Head of the Investment Policy Committee. In 1990, he merged Value Matrix Management organization into Matrix Asset Advisors. Mr. Katz chairs the Investment Policy Committee and is a Portfolio Manager/Analyst. He appears frequently as a guest on CNBC and Bloomberg Radio. He graduated summa cum laude from Union College with a degree in economics. He also received an MBA from New York University Graduate School of Business. Profile
TWST: Why don't we start with an overview of Matrix and your investment philosophy?

Mr. Katz: Matrix is a large cap, opportunistic value investment advisor. I co-founded the firm in 1986 and have