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Oil and Gas Transportation Services Yield Dividends to Investors

Paget, Steven I.
Steven I. Paget is the Director of Institutional Research at FistEnergy Capital Corp. Mr. Paget began his career as a Petroleum Engineer with Renaissance Energy, where he worked in the natural gas, acquisitions and oil groups. In 1998, Mr. Paget joined FirstEnergy Capital Corp. He spent a period of his tenure researching macroeconomic issues, and the majority of his experience has been dedicated towards the energy infrastructure space. At present, Mr. Paget’s research universe includes pipeline, midstream, rail and power names, which have both North American and international presence. Mr. Paget holds a Chartered Financial Analyst designation. Profile
TWST: Can you begin with an introduction to your coverage of the oil and gas services/infrastructure sector, including the specific names you follow?

Mr. Paget: I cover 13