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Off-Pricers Poised to Take Share as Department Stores Shrink

Siegel, Simeon
Simeon Siegel is a Managing Director and award-winning Senior Analyst at BMO Capital Markets specializing in retail and e-commerce. He started his career at Goldman Sachs and has since worked on the number-one-ranked retail franchise at JPMorgan and Nomura | Instinet. Mr. Siegel has been named a Rising Star of Wall Street by Institutional Investor, a Rising Star of Equity Research by Business Insider, a Top Stock Picker by StarMine, and a Top Earnings Estimator by Thomson Reuters and Refinitiv. He has worked on the Institutional Investor number-one-ranked All America Research Team for specialty retail and The Wall Street Journal's "Best on the Street" list of top analysts. Mr. Siegel is in constant dialogue with investors and C-level management across the industry, analyzing and advising on the ever-evolving retail landscape. He is a regular guest on CNBC and frequently quoted across the media including The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Women's Wear Daily, The Business of Fashion, Barron's, Bloomberg and others. Mr. Siegel received a B.A. from Columbia University and is a CFA charterholder. He serves on the boards of Read Ahead and the Hebrew Free Loan Society and is Vice Chair of the UJA Luxury Division.   Profile
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