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Newspaper & Magazine Publishing: Lauren Fine – Merrill Lynch Global Securities

Fine, Lauren Rich
LAUREN RICH FINE is a First Vice President and Managing Director, Corporate Strategy and Research, at Merrill Lynch & Co. She joined research in 1988 as a member of the media team. She has been a member of Institutional Investor's All Star Team for nine years and is the top ranked Analyst on the Greenwich survey. She is an active member of the Media and Entertainment Analysts Group in New York. Prior to joining Merrill Lynch Equity Research, she held positions within Merrill Lynch's Treasury group, National Semiconductor's Treasury operation and spent two years as part of Merrill Lynch Economics. She received her BA in Economics/Psychology from Tufts University and her MBA from New York University in Finance/International Business. Profile
TWST: Lauren, since September 11, we've all been avid consumers of news.

Have we been turning more to newspapers and magazines, and has this been

reflected in improved circulation?

Ms. Fine: