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Mlp Investing Strategies – Libby F. Toudouze – Swank Capital, Llc

Libby F. Toudouze, Partner and Portfolio Manager, has 26 years of experience in investment management. Before joining Swank Capital, she established and ran a family office, where she developed investment policies, created an asset allocation framework and analyzed investments. Ms. Toudouze worked seven years in private wealth management at J.P. Morgan, Morgan Stanley and Bank of America. She was an Analyst, Trader and Portfolio Manager at hedge fund Paragon Associates. She also worked on the institutional trading desk at Merrill Lynch and on the floor of the NYSE. Ms. Toudouze earned her BBA and her MBA from Southern Methodist University. Profile
TWST: Introduce us to Swank Capital and the Cushing line of products.

Ms. Toudouze: Swank Capital is a firm that manages about $1.2 billion in MLP assets across various structures. We are an MLP asset