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Micro-Cap Fund Bets on Bigger Returns in Riskier Playing Field

Chervitz, Darren
Darren Chervitz is Portfolio Manager and Director of Research for Jacob Asset Management. Mr. Chervitz serves as the Chief Portfolio Manager of the Discovery Fund as well as the Director of Research and Co-Portfolio Manager of the Jacob Internet Fund and the Jacob Small Cap Growth Fund. He joined Jacob Asset Management shortly after the firm was founded in 1999. Mr. Chervitz’s primary responsibilities include evaluating existing holdings, helping to find new opportunities, reviewing portfolio weightings and providing ongoing risk assessment. His education and experience in the field of journalism — he is a graduate of Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism — have given him the perspective and investigative skills needed to dig through mountains of available information to find the most relevant content while asking the tough questions. He has been extensively quoted by various publications and networks, including appearing as a guest host on CNNfn and CNBC. Previously, Mr. Chervitz was one of the first employees at’s predecessor, DBC News, an online financial news organization founded in 1996. While there, his primary areas of focus were initial public offerings and Internet stocks; his IPO Report became one of the most popular editorial features on He also delivered a daily market report on the morning news show for the local CBS-TV affiliate in San Francisco and was a regular technology analyst for ZDTV. Profile
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TWST: Can you briefly describe the fund that you’d like to discuss today?

Mr. Chervitz: The fund is called the Jacob Discovery Fund. We seek