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Michael Mullarkey – Workstream Inc (wstm)

MICHAEL F. MULLARKEY is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Workstream Inc., a leading work force management company. He has been Chairman of the Board of Directors since November 2001 and Chief Executive Officer since April 2001. In November 2001, he served as President. Prior to senior management leading roles at Workstream, Mr. Mullarkey was a majority investor in PAH, a full- service outplacement firm in the United States, which Workstream acquired in April 2001. A true entrepreneur, Mr. Mullarkey understands the intricacies of information technology (IT) and its need for smart capital spending. In 1998, he put his two passions together to form Mergers & Acquisitions, LLC, an investment capital group managing private equity funding and investing in emerging technology markets and organizations. Co- Founder and Managing Director of IT for the firm, Mr. Mullarkey proved to be a success at both IT and investment management and strategic counsel. Mr. Mullarkey began his career at Sony Corporation of America, the US subsidiary of Sony Corporation. He became Vice President and General Manager at Sony before joining Allin Communications Corp., an enterprise solution provider, as Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Profile
TWST: Could you give us an overview of Workstream and tell us

what is happening today?

Mr. Mullarkey: Workstream is dedicated to improving the

employment experience for all involved ' for both