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Michael Mayfield – Santa Barbara Asset Management

MICHAEL G. MAYFIELD is the Managing Director with Santa Barbara Asset Management, an investment counseling firm. He joined the company from New York in January 1995. Immediately prior to joining the SBAM, Mr. Mayfield was with NatWest Markets, where he led the structuring and initial funding for The Scudder Latin American Trust for Independent Power, now known as Latin Power. Latin Power is an investment trust managed by Scudder, Stevens & Clark to develop and finance the generation of electric power in Latin America and the Caribbean. It was deeply involved in financing the first purely independent power production facility in Latin America. Mr. Mayfield also was with Drexel Burnham Lambert where he founded and managed Drexel's Special Equity Transaction Department. He earned a BS in Business Administration/Finance & Business Economics from the University of Southern California in 1984. Profile
TWST: Mike, the success of Santa Barbara Asset Management is based on a

combination of the experience which enables you to do the right job, and

the flexibility that enables you to do the job