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Metals & Mining Stocks: Victor Lazarovici – Bmo Nesbitt Burns

VICTOR LAZAROVICI is a senior analyst covering the Base Metals and Mining industry. Prior to joining BMO Nesbitt Burns in 1998, he covered the base and precious metals industries at Smith Barney as a managing director and at S.G. Warburg as a vice president. He also worked for James Capel, Andras Research and Scotia McLeod in Canada, covering the North American metals and mining industry. He also has 15 years of industry experience, in engineering, finance and accounting, and corporate development. He holds a Bachelor of Engineering from Sir George Williams University (1972) and an MBA from York University (1977). Profile
TWST: At last year's Wall Street Transcript Roundtable, we talked about

the recovery in metals prices and the rebound in the stocks. How well

did the metals prices ' and the stock prices ' hold up