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Mark Frevert – Enron Wholesale Services (ene)

MARK A. FREVERT is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Enron Wholesale Services (EWS), the Enron Corporation's largest business unit, which is responsible for all of Enron's wholesale trading and marketing operations. Mr. Frevert began his energy industry career in 1981, joining Natomas North America, a Houston-based oil and gas exploration and development company, as an Economist. He subsequently became responsible for managing the company's reserves, budgeting and economic planning functions. In 1984, Mr. Frevert joined Houston Natural Gas (an Enron predecessor company) as a Senior Economist in the Corporate Planning department, after which he joined the holding company, Enron Interstate Pipeline Group. In 1988, he was named Vice President and General Manager of the Citrus Marketing Companies. Mr. Frevert joined Enron Capital & Trade Resources (ECT) in 1991 as Vice President of Enron Power Services and was promoted to President in 1993. He became a Managing Director of ECT in 1994, with responsibility for North American natural gas marketing activities. In late 1994 he assumed responsibility for international energy services activities, including Enron's London- based operations. In 1996 Mr. Frevert relocated to London as President and CEO of Enron Europe. In addition to his ongoing role as Chairman of Enron Europe, he was named Chairman and CEO of Enron North America in May 2000, and assumed his current position upon the formation of the Wholesale Services business unit in November 2000. Mr. Frevert has a Bachelor's degree in Economics and Mathematics from Albion College, Michigan. He has completed coursework in the PhD program in Economics at Rice University. He taught Economics at Rice University for two years before joining Natamos North America in 1981. Profile
TWST: Could we discuss the significant trends that will be taking place

in your area in the next few years and what relationship Enron will have

to all of them?

Mr. Frevert: If you look at the