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Malls, Strips and Hotels Have Room to Rebound as the Economy Reopens

van Dijkum, Floris
Floris van Dijkum is a Managing Director and Senior Research Analyst at Compass Point Research & Trading, LLC. Mr. van Dijkum joined Compass Point in June 2019, bringing 30+ years of real estate investment, research and banking experience. Prior to joining Compass Point, he started the REIT research effort at Boenning & Scattergood. Before that, he started the global REIT investment platform at BlackRock, where he served as COO and was responsible for a quarter of the U.S. portfolio. Prior to BlackRock, Mr. van Dijkum worked in Europe where he served as Chief Investment Officer for Speymill Property in London, head of real estate banking at NIBC in the Netherlands, partner at Forum Partners, head of Lehman Brothers European real estate banking in London, and Senior European Real Estate Research Analyst at Morgan Stanley in London. Before Europe, Mr. van Dijkum worked at Salomon Brothers in New York covering REITs, helping the team become top ranked. Mr. van Dijkum started his real estate career at LaSalle Partners in Chicago and London. He graduated with a B.A. in history and philosophy from the University of Virginia. Profile
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