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Looking for Higher-Than-Market Dividend Yield and Return on Equity

Cousins, Tony
Tony Cousins, CFA, is Chief Executive and Chief Investment Officer of Pyrford International Ltd., BMO Global Asset Management. Prior to serving as Chief Executive and Chief Investment Officer, Mr. Cousins headed, since 1989, Pyrford's European and U.K. investment management activities. He was promoted to Joint Chief Investment Officer in 2009 and then further promoted to his current role in 2011. Previously, Mr. Cousins was an equity portfolio manager at Daiwa International Capital Management in London. Mr. Cousins graduated from Cambridge University in 1985 with a Bachelor of Arts and obtained his Master of Arts and became a CFA charterholder in 1990. Profile
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TWST: In your last quarterly investment commentary, you talked about the Brexit situation and how concerns around it in regard to the economy were overstated. You also