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Hwan, Billy
Billy Hwan is Portfolio Manager of the Parnassus Endeavor Fund and a Senior Research Analyst at Parnassus Investments. Mr. Hwan has responsibility for portfolio management for the firm’s Endeavor strategy. He joined Parnassus Investments in 2012 after serving as a Parnassus research intern. His prior experience includes equity research at Dodge & Cox in San Francisco and at the Government of Singapore Investment Corporation. Mr. Hwan received his bachelor's degree in engineering from Stanford University and a master's degree in accountancy from the University of Houston. He graduated with honors from the University of California, Berkeley with an MBA. Mr. Hwan holds the CPA and CFA designations, and was a Blakemore Freeman Fellow. Profile
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TWST: Could you tell me a little bit about the firm?

Mr. Hwan: Sure. Parnassus Investments is a leading mutual fund company in the U.S. that