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Lifestyle Changes Set to Spur Increase in Homebuilding

Robotti, Robert
Robert Robotti is the Founder and Chief Investment Officer of Robotti & Company Advisors and has been since inception in 1983. Previously, he was VP and a shareholder of Gabelli & Company. Mr. Robotti received a bachelor’s degree from Bucknell University and an MBA in accounting from Pace University. Mr. Robotti also is a board member of PrairieSky, AMREP and board Chair of Pulse Seismic. Previously, he was a board member of BMC and also chaired the finance committee prior to its acquisition of Stock Building Supply. Mr. Robotti is also active in not-for-profit volunteerism, including service on the board of Pace University where he is Chair of the investment and pension committee. Profile
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TWST: Could you tell me about the firm?

Mr. Robotti: Sure. We've been in business for 35 years. We're investors, and we're investors in cheap