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Large Cap Growth Investing – Joe Ransom – Silvant Capital Management

Joe Ransom is the lead portfolio manager on the Select Large Cap Growth discipline at Silvant Capital Management. He began his career at SunTrust Banks, Inc. From 1984 to 1990, Mr. Ransom led the research team as Associate Director of Investment Research. In 1990, Mr. Ransom moved to Los Angeles, CA to become President and Chief Investment Officer of start-up investment management firm, Precision Asset Management. He returned to Silvant Capital Management in 1997 as Vice President and Portfolio Manager for Silvant Capital's Large Cap Core Growth discipline. He earned his Bachelor of Arts in Finance from Clark-Atlanta University (1972) and his Masters of Business Administration from Georgia State University (1974). Profile
TWST: Why don't you start with an overview of Silvant Capital Management and the investment philosophy there?

Mr. Ransom: Silvant Capital Management is an LLC that is registered with the SEC, and we