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L.o. Heidtke – Heidtke & Company Inc

L.O. HEIDTKE is President of Heidtke & Company, a broker dealer specializing in micro cap value stocks. Prior to starting Heidtke & Company in 1983, he worked for Dominick & Dominick, Spencer Trask and Thomson McKinnon for 15 years. Mr. Heidtke has held officerships in the local chapter of Nashville Securities Dealers, Society of Financial Analysts, International Association of Financial Planners. A member of local firm committee for the Security Industry Association, he is on the advisory board for Wheat First Butcher Singer's Correspondence Clearing division. Mr. Heidtke has published the Tennessee Investor Newsletter, a monthly 8-page publication, since 1986. Started a non-leveraged hedge fund in late 1993, specializing in microcap (less than $100 million capitalization) value stocks. Profile
TWST: Set the framework with a review of your investment approach,

investment philosophy.

Mr. Heidtke: I'm basically a small cap or micro-cap manager that invests

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