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Kent Croft – Croft-leominster Inc

KENT G. CROFT is President and Director of Croft-Leominster, Inc., where he has joint responsibility for overseeing the investments of private accounts, various partnerships and the Croft-Leominster Income & Croft- Leominster Value Funds. He holds an AB degree (1985) from Dartmouth College. From 1985 through May 1988, Mr. Croft was employed as a manager in the equity department at Salomon Brothers, Inc., New York. From 1988-1989, Mr. Croft was Vice President of Real Estate Investments for Bryans Road Corp. In 1989, Mr. Croft co-founded Croft-Leominster, Inc. with Gordon Croft. He is a former Board member for the Baltimore Securities Analyst's Society and a member of the Association of Investment Management and Research. Other activities include President of Croft-Leominster Foundation; trustee of the Maryland Mentoring Partnership; trustee of St. Paul's Schools; trustee of Wildfowl Trust of North America; and former trustee of Charles County Community College Foundation. Profile
TWST: Have you had to make any changes in your investment approach in

the last year or more, Kent?

Mr. Croft: The one thing that's on the forefront of everybody's mind is

the huge disparity in