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Joseph A. Czyzyk – Mercury Air Group Inc (max)

JOSEPH A. CZYZYK is President and Chief Executive Officer of Mercury Air Group, Inc. After joining Mercury in 1984, he founded its Cargo Handling Division and in 1985, became the President of Mercury Service, Inc., responsible for all of Mercury's activities at LAX. From 1985 through 1988, Mr. Czyzyk drastically restructured this subsidiary back to profitability. In 1988, he founded and became President of Mercury Air Cargo, Inc., which evolved into one of the major and most profitable subsidiaries of the group. Since 1988, Mr. Czyzyk has expanded Mercury Air Cargo Handling business to six US and Canadian locations where major foreign and domestic airlines are handled. In 1994, Mr. Czyzyk was appointed to the Board of Directors and became Chief Operating Officer of Mercury Air Group, Inc. In December of 1998, he was appointed President & Chief Executive Officer. Previously, Mr. Czyzyk was employed by El Al Israel Airlines for 14 years. He served El Al in many capacities, and prior to leaving, he was their Cargo Marketing Manager, stationed in New York. During his years at El Al, he opened numerous cargo stations for the company including Los Angeles and Chicago. Mr. Czyzyk has earned a well deserved reputation in the aviation industry as a tireless administrator and negotiator. His knowledge and reputation has allowed him respected access to the executive suites of airline CEOs as well as the boiler rooms of union locals. Mr. Czyzyk is a graduate of California State University at Los Angeles and a decorated veteran after serving in the US Navy from 1967 through 1969. Mr. Czyzyk is married. Profile
TWST: Could you begin by giving us a background on Mercury Air?

Mr. Czyzyk: Mercury Air Group has a long history. The company has been

around for quite a few years. We're going into our 45th