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John Montgomery – Bridgeway Capital Management

JOHN MONTGOMERY is the Founder of Bridgeway Capital Management, Inc., and Investment Manager for Bridgeway Fund. His work with computer modeling and quantitative methods as a research engineer at MIT in the late 1970s led to research on applying quantitative methods to investments while at Harvard Business School. Upon graduating with an MBA in 1985, Mr. Montgomery began applying these methods to his own investments. Over the next six years, these methods proved more successful than he expected. With his stock investing income more than twice his regular salary, he left the transportation industry at the end of 1991 to perform full-time research on these methods, to study the mutual fund industry, and to write a business plan for Bridgeway. Mr. Montgomery earned Bachelor's degrees from Swarthmore College in Engineering and Philosophy. He is active in the Stephen Ministry at his church and has served for 12 years on the board of a mental health rehabilitation community. Profile
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