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Jim Lunney – Patriot Scientific Corporation (ptsc)

JIM LUNNEY, President and CEO of Patriot Scientific Corp., (OTCBB:PTSC) is a twenty year veteran of the electronics and electronic systems industry. An electrical engineering graduate of Worcester Polytechnic Institute of Worcester Mass., Mr. Lunney began his engineering career with General Electric Aerospace in Pittsfield, Ma. After rapidly advancing through initial engineering assignments involving the US Navy submarine programs, he was named Program Manager for Advanced Programs. In this business development assignment, Mr. Lunney grew the division's business base in a new area by $85 million. The programs that Mr. Lunney was responsible for included both electronic systems design and several hundred thousands lines of software in a complex system design. During this period, Mr. Lunney attended several of GE's well-known management and marketing development programs. In 1992, Mr. Lunney moved to Signal Processing Systems, a division of Scientific Atlanta, in San Diego, Ca., as a product line manager. This division had a wide range of high tech digital signal processing products and specialized in acoustic analysis. In this initial position, Mr. Lunney was responsible for the start up of the division's largest manufacturing and engineering design services contract in the division's history. In 1996, Mr. Lunney was promoted to Vice President and Business Area Manager of the division largest business segment. In this position, significant emphasis was put on strategic planning and long-term business development. Mr. Lunney played a key role in the divestiture of the division in 1996 to Global Associates of Falls Church VA. In 1997, Mr. Lunney was promoted to President of Signal Processing Systems. Again Mr. Lunney's focus was on strategic planning and business development. In 1998, Mr. Lunney accepted his current position with Patriot Scientific in March of 1998. Seeing a strong opportunity for success with multiple technologies, Mr. Lunney is near term focused along with his team on turning those opportunities into realities for Patriot Scientific. Profile
TWST: If you would, start with a kind of a thumbnail sketch of Patriot


Mr. Lunney: Patriot Scientific is a company that's based primarily

around three different technology areas.