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James A. Mack – Cambrex Corporation (cbm)

JAMES A. MACK is Chairman of the Board of Directors, President and Chief Executive Officer of Cambrex Corporation. He joined Cambrex as President and Chief Operating Officer in 1990 and became Chief Executive Officer in 1995. Previously, he was with Olin Corporation, which he joined in 1984 and where he became Vice President and General Manager of the worldwide urethanes and specialty chemical businesses. He also served as a Director of the Sun Olin and Ashai Olin joint ventures. He began his career in a variety of engineering assignments with both Monsanto Company and Maumee Chemical, which was later acquired by Sherwin- Williams Company. He served as President of the Sherwin-Williams chemicals division and Executive Vice President and a Director of Oakite Products Inc. Profile
TWST: Give us a brief summary, an historical background sketch, on the

company, And then, bring us up to date. Over the next two to three

years, what do you see as the opportunities and challenges