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Jackson Robinson – Winslow Management Company

Robinson, Jackson W.
Jackson W. Robinson is a Partner and Portfolio Manager at Brown Advisory Incorporated. After graduating from Brown University, he entered the financial services industry in Boston, working in commercial banking, institutional sales and money management. In 1979, Mr. Robinson moved to Vermont, where he was Chief Financial Officer and Director of Garden Way, Inc., and Chief Executive Officer and Director of the National Gardening Association, both socially responsible entities. In 1983, he started Winslow Management with the mission of providing green investment services to individual and institutional clients, and after several years of managing environmentally responsible portfolios, he decided in 1991 to focus exclusively on green investing. He serves on the board of directors of Spartech Corporation, where he also leads the sustainability committee and is a Trustee of Suffield Academy, where he leads the investment committee. Mr. Robinson also serves on the advisory boards for, Greener Capital, American Council for Renewable Energy and the Brown University Library. In March 2009, Winslow merged with Brown Advisory, where Mr. Robinson is a Partner and leads the sustainability team. Profile
TWST: Would you begin with a brief overview of Winslow Management?

Mr. Robinson: The idea behind Winslow is if you incorporate a green

screen into your research process, which could be a