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Investing in Stocks Based on Customer Satisfaction

Bak, Phil
Phil Bak is the CEO of ACSI Funds. He is widely regarded as an expert in the management, development and trading of exchange-traded funds — ETFs. Prior to joining ACSI, Mr. Bak was a managing director at the New York Stock Exchange, where he drove the growth of the NYSE ETF listing business to 90% market share by AUM and over $2 trillion in total assets for NYSE-listed ETFs. Mr. Bak had previously acted as Senior Product Manager for Guggenheim Investments, where he developed alternative mutual funds and ETFs. Phil Bak has a B.S. in business finance from Yeshiva University and is a Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst — CAIA. Profile
TWST: You previously were a managing director of the New York Stock Exchange. Can you tell us why you came over to ACSI Funds?

Mr. Bak: I had been with the New