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Investing In High Quality Stocks – John D. Kattar – Eastern Investment Advisors

John D. Kattar, CFA is Chief Investment Officer at Eastern Investment Advisors. Prior to joining Eastern in 2005, Mr. Kattar was Managing Partner at Ardent Asset Management, a hedge fund management and consulting firm. He has been Director of Growth Equities at Mellon Financial, Director of U.S. Equities at The Boston Company, and has also held senior investment positions at Phoenix Investment Partners and Baring Asset Management. Mr. Kattar earned his MBA from the University of Chicago and MS and BA degrees from the University of Massachusetts. He is a Chartered Financial Analyst and a member of both the CFA Institute and the Boston Security Analysts Society. In addition to his professional responsibilities, he serves as Vice Chairman of the Investment Committee of the University of Massachusetts Foundation, and on the board of the Essex County Community Foundation. Profile
TWST: Why don't you start with an overview of your firm and your investment philosophy there?

Mr. Kattar: Eastern Investment Advisors is the asset management subsidiary of the largest mutually owned