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Investing In Core U.s. Small Caps – Mathieu Sirois – Van Berkom And Associates Inc.

Mathieu Sirois is a Senior Portfolio Manager in U.S. Small-Cap Equities with Van Berkom and Associates Inc. He joined the company in May 2000. On July 1, 2006, he was appointed Portfolio Manager, U.S. Small-Cap Equities after being Senior Analyst, U.S. Small-Cap Equities. On April 1, 2007, he was appointed Senior Portfolio Manager, U.S. Small-Cap Equities. He is responsible for all the investment decisions related to the U.S. Small-Cap Equity product and for managing the US Small Cap Equity Division. He is also responsible for conducting research on the broad US small-cap universe. He received a BAA degree from the Universite Laval and holds an MSc degree in Finance from the Ecole des Etudes Commerciales in Montreal. He also holds the CFA designation. Mr. Sirois owns 13% of VBA's common shares. Profile
TWST: If you would start with telling us about Van Berkom and Associates and your investment philosophy?

Mr. Sirois: Van Berkom and Associates is a specialized investment firm managing small-cap