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Investing in Canadian Equities – Nick Majendie – Majendie Wealth Management

NICK MAJENDIE is Director and Senior Portfolio Manager of Majendie Wealth Management. He was born in England and educated at Winchester College and the University of Oxford, where he received his M.A. He came to Canada in 1964, became a Chartered Accountant with Price Waterhouse in 1967, and in 1969 entered the investment business as a Research Analyst. Mr. Majendie was the first in Canada to write a regular portfolio strategy in 1973, and over the years he has been rated as one of Canada's top strategists. He has been managing portfolios for 26 years. Known for his ability to predict Canadian markets, Mr. Majendie has successfully delivered solid returns in bull and bear markets. He is a frequent business commentator in national newspapers and on TV. Highlights of Mr. Majendie's career include forming his own investment firm, Majendie Securities, in 1984 and building the company to 120 employees before selling his interest in 1998. Prior to that, he was Partner in charge of institutional sales with F.H. Deacon Hodgson Inc. (1978-1984) and Director of Research at Crang & Ostiguy Inc. in Montreal. Together with his partners, Mr. Majendie has built a clientele of private clients to whom they offer discretionary management, as well as providing investment management for other ScotiaMcLeod advisers. Profile
TWST: Please begin with a brief history and an overview of your firm.

Mr. Majendie: We call ourselves Majendie Wealth Management. We are part of the Scotiabank Group. The individual investment dealer