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Investing In Canadian Convertible Bonds – Lee Goldman – First Asset Investment Management

Lee Goldman, MBA, CFA, is a Senior Vice President and Portfolio Manager at First Asset Investment Management in Toronto, and he currently manages more than $550 million in convertible debentures and is the Lead Manager for the following First Asset funds: First Asset Diversified Convertible Debenture Fund, Canadian Convertible Debenture Fund, Canadian Convertible Bond Fund, Canadian Energy Convertible Debenture Fund, Canadian Advantages Convertibles Fund, First Asset REIT Income Fund and Split REIT Opportunity Trust. Prior to joining First Asset, Mr. Goldman spent a number of years at the trust company subsidiary of Mackenzie Financial, where he managed a fixed income mutual fund for Mackenzie and ran the treasury operations for the trust company. Profile
TWST: Please begin with a brief introduction to the Canadian Convertible Bond Fund.

Mr. Goldman: We invest primarily in Canadian convertible debentures. The fund itself is about $55 million. It was