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Investing Based on Exposure to Long-Term Trends

Jones, Elizabeth
Elizabeth Jones, M.D., CFA, is Portfolio Manager at Kornitzer Capital Management. Dr. Jones has been an investment professional since 2002. She began her investment career at Bank of America Capital Management as a health care equity analyst. She joined Kornitzer Capital Management in 2003 as an investment analyst, and in 2004, she became a Co-Portfolio Manager of the Buffalo Discovery Fund (MUTF:BUFTX). In 2007, Dr. Jones became a Co-Portfolio Manager of the Buffalo Large Cap Fund (MUTF:BUFEX) and subsequently transitioned to sole Portfolio Manager of the Buffalo Large Cap Fund in July 2012. Prior to her work in the investment industry, Dr. Jones practiced medicine. Dr. Jones’ extensive academic training includes receiving a Bachelor of Science, or B.S., degree from Georgetown University; a Doctorate of Medicine, or M.D., degree from Vanderbilt University; residency in internal medicine and pediatrics at the University of Chicago Hospitals; and a Master of Business Administration, or MBA, degree from Arizona State University. Profile
TWST: Please share some background and history of KCM and about your role there.

Dr. Jones: Kornitzer Capital Management, or KCM, was founded in 1989 by John