Consumer >> CEO Interviews >> September 21, 2023

Interview with the Interim CEO: Groupon Inc. (NASDAQ:GRPN)

Senkypl, Dusan
Dusan Senkypl joined Groupon Inc. as Interim CEO from Pale Fire Capital, Groupon’s largest shareholder that holds nearly 22% of shares outstanding. Pale Fire is an entrepreneurial investment firm with ~$1 billion in AUM and two established investment strategies in technology private equity and a global macro hedge fund. Its private equity portfolio includes ~30 B2C and marketplace companies. Mr. Senkypl co-founded Pale Fire Capital in 2015 and serves as Chairman and CEO. Mr. Senkypl is an entrepreneur by trade. Prior to Pale Fire, he created several global ecommerce and technology projects used by more than 250 million users. He built and NetBrokers Holding, a dominant fintech player with more than 500 employees, which was bought by a German media group, Bauer Media, in 2018. He enjoys sports and dedicates a portion of his time to nonprofit projects. Profile
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TWST: For those who are not familiar with Groupon, let’s start with the history back to 2008 when it started, to 2011 for the IPO, and everything that happened