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Interview with the Founder and CEO: Kindred Biosciences, Inc. (NASDAQ:KIN)

Chin, Richard
Richard Chin, M.D., is Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Kindred Biosciences, Inc. Dr. Richard Chin is a Harvard-trained physician and a former Rhodes Scholar with a track record of almost a dozen drug approvals and over 50 INDs. Dr. Chin has developed several drugs for immune diseases, including Lucentis, Xolair, Tysabri and Rituxan. These products have yielded over $10 billion in sales per year. Previously, Dr. Chin was Head of Clinical Research for the Biotherapeutics Unit at Genentech, where he oversaw Genentech’s drug development programs; Senior VP of Global Development at Elan; CEO of Oxigene, a Nasdaq-listed biotechnology company; and CEO of OneWorld Health, a Gates Foundation-funded nonprofit developing drugs for impoverished patients in developing countries. In 2006, BusinessWeek named Dr. Chin one of 99 youngest public company CEOs in the United States. He has authored several major textbooks on clinical development and teaches drug development at UCSF. Profile
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TWST: Can you give us a brief description of Kindred Biosciences at this stage of its life?

Dr. Chin: Kindred Biosciences is a veterinary