Healthcare >> CEO Interviews >> October 19, 2018

Interview with the Executive Director and CEO: Immutep Limited (NASDAQ:IMMP)

Voigt, Marc
Marc Voigt is Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer of Immutep Limited. Mr. Voigt has served as the Chief Financial Officer and Chief Business Officer since 2012 and was appointed as CEO and Executive Director in July 2014. He has extensive experience in the corporate and biotechnology sectors. He has previously worked as a personal assistant to a member of the executive board of Allianz Insurance. Mr. Voigt has also worked for the German investment bank, net.IPO.AG, in the area of business development and German securities offerings. In the early 2000s, he was investment manager in a midsize health care venture capital fund. In the biotech sector, he has held different executive positions, foremost in private German biotech companies. He has a master’s degree in business administration from the Freie Universitat of Berlin and is a member of the judging panel of Germany’s largest business plan competition. Profile
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TWST: What is Immutep?

Mr. Voigt: Immutep is a biotech company listed with Nasdaq, as well as with ASX, that has immuno-oncology as its focus