Healthcare >> CEO Interviews >> June 16, 2017

Interview with the Chairman, CEO and Founder: Biotricity (OTCMKTS:BTCY)

Al-Siddiq, Waqaas
Waqaas Al-Siddiq is Chairman, CEO and Founder of Biotricity. Mr. Al-Siddiq is a serial entrepreneur, a former investment adviser and an expert in wireless communication technology. Academically, he was distinguished for his various innovative designs in digital, analog, embedded and micro-electro-mechanical products. His work was published in various conferences and textbooks such as IEEE and the National Communication Council. Mr. Al-Saddiq has held several high-level design positions in IBM, AMD and Intel. His achievements have been numerous in both the technical and academic world. Coupled with this, he has vast experience in leading various groups through his board experience and executive roles within startups, midsized companies and nonprofits. Mr. Al-Siddiq has a dual bachelor’s degree in computer engineering and economics, a master’s in computer engineering from Rochester Institute of Technology, and a master’s in management from Henley Business School. He is completing his doctorate in business administration at Henley, with a focus on transformative innovations and billion-dollar markets. Profile
TWST: Can you provide an overview of the company?

Mr. Al-Siddiq: Biotricity is a medical technology company focused on remote patient monitoring for chronic