Technology >> CEO Interviews >> May 17, 2023

Interview with the Chairman and CEO: Presto Automation Inc. (NASDAQ:PRST)

Gupta, Krishna K.
Krishna K. Gupta is the Chairman and CEO of Presto Automation Inc. Mr. Gupta is a technology founder and investor. He was the first investor in Presto — through his venture capital firm Remus Capital — while an undergrad at MIT and is now its largest shareholder. He has helped build more than 10 applied AI companies over the past decade, focused on partnering with visionary rebels rewiring entire industries. He is also Chairman-elect of Allurion Technologies, soon to be public on the NYSE. He received his bachelor’s degrees in engineering and management from MIT. Profile
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TWST: Can you tell us a little bit about Presto’s history, how it evolved and some of the key milestones?

Mr. Gupta: Presto started at MIT